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Candice Forsberg - 24 year old model in Albany Oregon


Jeremy Kruempel

David Hicks

Korbi Kay

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Models needed for hair color/cut competi
Need model for last minute shoot.
2 models wanted 1 male 1 female
Need model for shoot tomorrow afternoon.
looking for crphotographers Portland
Creative Talent please?
looking for Eugene photographers
Female Model For Lifestyle Shoot
Steampunkesque Photoshoot seeking Model
Let's Make 2015 our Bitch!

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Natural beauty: Modeling without makeup
        by Molly Nicole Apr 17 2015 13:36

Let's get this out of the way: Escorts
        by C S P I N E Apr 17 2015 13:34

Hello Everyone! New photographer in Reedsport :)
        by Richard Morrow Apr 12 2015 20:02

No thumbnails for pics
        by Jayden Stone Apr 03 2015 14:29

help me change my main profile pic
        by Arête Photography Mar 06 2015 03:02

creative talent please?
        by TaNiya Mar 02 2015 03:46

feedback and critique?
        by Marie Rayn Jan 13 2015 01:01



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Be sure to check out my newest albums :)

5 hours ago


I've finally uploaded some of my latest work with various photographers. Check it out. I've been doing this a long time, and I'm ready to create some more, so please let me know if you are looking for a model for conceptual work. My time is valuable. Paid work, if possible please, TFP will be considered case by case. =) Thank you!

5 days ago


I just uploaded a few new photos, including my new avatar image. I'd love some feedback. I'm also looking to book some creative TFP shoots. Send me a message if you're interested in collaborating.

7 days ago

 Mike Stevens

Added some more images to my profile and want to thank Eric and Bob for their hard work at getting the uploader working again. Audrey becomes the latest entry to my Dark Emotions series. More stuff added to other albums if you want to take a peek. Have a Great Spring and Summer ISO peeps.

1 week ago

 MOG Photography

anyone in eugene/springfield feel like shooting? trade work only for now

2 weeks ago

 Anika Wright

Can't wait to create some amazing pictures with you!!!

2 weeks ago

 Gary Ungefug

Check out the new photos in my Fantasy Art album and my Shoot For The Wind Workshop Album

2 weeks ago

 E Devereaux Photographer

TFP Tuesday's. Do you just want to shoot and have some fun. This is TFP for any male or female model in this group. The theme and location (Portland Metro +100 miles) is up to discussion. A couple of things to mention. 1) A valid phone number and email is required to have shoot confirmed. I will do this via a phone call and an email. 2) You can bring anyone you want as an escort, they need to understand they will have to assist with your clothes, hair and my lighting if we use it. 3) No MUA or HS will be offered, you should be prepared to come ready. If you are working with a MUA or HS, I would be happy to help them with a before and after photo. 4) I offer a minimum of 5 personally chosen full resolution, non-watermarked images for your full use except commercial. i.e. you can't sell it as stock photography or use in another business' advertisement. This is for your promotional and personal use including printing (I would use my guy but hey it's your money). 5) No shows without 24 hour notification will be treated like "you are dead to me". I would expect the same if I don't show. 6) I will not book a studio to shoot with you. Either we shoot on location or you know someone who knows someone who has a condo, studio or house to shoot in. I guess that is about it. Message me here if you are interested.

2 weeks ago

 Lee Gochenour

Come check out my new Savannah Weatherford Album. Let us both know what you think.

2 weeks ago

 Backstreet Photography

I hope everyone got to shoot some amazing images in the sunshine 2day ~

3 weeks ago